Friday, March 4, 2011

My Etsy Store Credit Giveaway.

Hello Everyone!

I'm giving away $30.00 in store credit to my Etsy shop on April 1st...but the really fun part is that I am going to take video of me doing the drawing old-school style with everyone's names in a bowl. I will create a video announcing the winner and post it on my Facebook fan page, and my blog, on April 1st! This will also give you some nice exposure as it'll be tweeted and posted all over the place!

To enter you just have favorite my shop at, then like my facebook page at to RSVP to the event via the event tab on the left!

I'm really excited for this event and you should tell everyone you know. Just sayin'.

New vintage was posted last night with more to come tonight and the bulk of it this weekend, so start picking out what you'll use your store credit on if you win!

Also, check out Mary's feature for DeSantis Vintage at Follow her NOW as her features are always so beautiful.

Stay Glamorous!

Rachel DeSantis

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Telephone.

Call me crazy, call me obsessive compulsive, call me what you will but I HATE when people come into the office and want to use my phone.

For a little back story, I work in property management to help fund my Etsy addiction. It's a wonderful thing though and I love everything I do; however, I do not enjoy when someone off the street comes in and says those 5 words I NEVER want to hear, "Can I Use Your Phone?".

My head starts to spin, my vision gets a little blurry, my palms get sweaty and all I want to say is, "NO! ARE YOU %@#$* CRAZY?!?!?!". I then envision myself chucking my phone out the window next to my desk because I'd rather brush off snow sludge and dirt then someone's breath condensation. BLEH! But, I'm way too nice and I'd feel bad for saying no if they really needed to get a hold of someone. Although this time I DID hesitate for about 15 seconds before forcing out a reluctant "fine" under my breath. It's just GROSS, OKAY?! GET A CELL PHONE!

So, here I am, at work, wiping my phone off with Lysol wipes when I thought to myself, "This would be an interesting story to post on my blog". And so, here we are.

Stay Glamorous!
Rachel DeSantis