Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Featuring: Bits N' Beads by Gilliauna

Pewter Elephant Charm Bracelet / $40.00
Talk about beauty and quality all rolled into one! Meet Gilliauna of Bits N' Beads! She hand crafts beautiful artisan jewelry. The detailing and beauty of her pieces are really set apart from the many jewelry artists on Etsy. She creates custom pieces if you're looking for a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art. Also if you're low on cheddar, she even offers a layaway plan! 

In her own words: 
"The colors that surround us us add an extra level of beauty and richness to every day of our lives. Sometimes color isn't just seen but experienced through all the senses and even the emotions. We strive to add a bit of extra color to your life and make each of your days a little brighter with a variety of colorful, quality pieces that will be perfect as a gift for yourself or for someone else!

Each piece offered in our shop is a unique, hand-crafted piece of art lovingly created to be enjoyed for years to come. With over twenty years of experience in jewelry design to back each piece we have to offer, you can rest assured you're receiving top-quality craftsmanship backed by a loving attention to detail.

We often use cleaned and re-purposed as well as vintage jewelry parts and beads in many of our colorful creations. This is a terrific way to help keep waste to a minimum and help out the community at the same time since we shop for our vintage materials at places like the Salvation Army where the profits go back into the community."

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